Sunday, August 8, 2010

What...will I care about when I look back on my life?

Will I care about the size of my house (or even if I owned one), or the tiles that were on the walls, or the type of couch I bought, or whether I had designer clothes, whether I had a high flying career, whether I was always 'secure'....

Or will I care about the experience I had and what I learned, about doing things because I loved it, about the person I was in my heart, and not whether I succeeded, but whether I went after it and took risks. I'll care that I got as much as I could out of every day, rather than enduring every day and wishing them over.

But it's always a balancing act - throwing caution to the wind and following every whim is not necessarily the way to go. There's a fine line between spontaneity and irresponsibility.