Project 3:11

This idea has evolved and grown from a spur of the moment decision to combat my own materialism and consumeristic tendencies with a year of no clothes shopping...

to an exploration of greed, generosity and the excess of our world.

Reading '7' by Jen Hatmaker sparked a thought...

We need to make giving more personal than just donating to a third party and keeping poverty at arms length. We need to get our hands dirty and our hearts involved. If we all did this not only would we help a whole lot more people, but we would also build relationships and be changed ourselves in the process.

Then I thought...

what if we have a garage 'sale' where we just give everything away. The only condition being, you can take it only if you need it, or know someone else who does.

So the Garage Giveaway is born!

It's basically your typical Saturday morning garage sale, except that everything is free!

Saturday TBA
8 am


Furniture, clothing, shoes, homewares, books and more... whatever we have too much of and others don't have enough of.

Luke 3:11 says 'If you have two coats, give one away.'
Many of us much more than we need, while many others can barely meet their needs. The solution seems quite simple really - let's redistribute! If we have more than we need, give to those who don't have enough.


Ok, so it sounds good and all, but won't just get robbed blind?
Maybe. I like to believe the best in people, but I know how much the love of money can get a hold of people. But if someone wants to 'take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.' (Matt 5:40) I'll risk it...

Are you taking donations of stuff?
Yes and no. Yes of course we want as many people as possible to give away there excess (quality) stuff. But we don't want people to just off load it to us. Then how are we being that different to giving to an op shop or charity?

We want you to actually get their hearts involved, and actually meet the people your things might help. So rather than just giving us your stuff to give away, why not bring it along on the morning, and give it away yourself. (Of course, if you really want to help but just can't be there, we will accept it - but please, please consider being there yourself as first preference.)

I want to bring stuff, but I need some help...
If you need help sorting through your things, or help transporting stuff to the Garage Giveaway, get in touch ASAP so we can help you out.

What sorts of things are you giving away?
Anything that you have too much of and other's might need. Clothes, shoes, blankets, kitchen appliances, toys, books, furniture, cars... the sky is the limit. The only criteria are that it's potentially useful or joy bringing to someone else, and it's good quality or still in good condition. This is not the time to offload your junk - people in need deserve no less quality than we would want ourselves.

Any other questions?
Email Jessie -

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