Monday, March 18, 2013

Learning from Hindsight

We all want to know what our purpose is. God, what is your plan for my life? When are you going to reveal it to me?

Sometimes there is a period of waiting before God shows us something. Sometimes God will reveal something specific he wants us to do. But something that hindsight has taught me, is at most often while we are waiting to discover the plan and purpose for our lives, it's already unfolding.

We expect or hope for a sudden flash of revelation. It could happen; Saul/Paul would attest to that. But looking back over my life I see the gradual gentle unfolding of God's plans and purposes. I didn't recognise it while I was in it, but in hindsight I can see such carefully crafted plans and moments and opportunities. I was walking in God's plans already and I didn't even notice.

We should learn from hindsight, and let it give us faith for this moment. No matter how many times I look back and realise, 'So that's what God was doing! Now it all make perfect sense!' I still tend to look back at the present and say, 'Ok, God, what now? Why aren't you doing anything now? I'm getting impatient!'

How quickly we forget.

We keep waiting for that flash if revelation about what our purpose is in life, and then off we'll go. But what difference would it make to you now if you could see that natural unfolding that is already happening? You are already in God's purpose.

You might only see it in hindsight, but have faith that he is working now. One day you might look back and see that insignificant conversation, that simple moment, those daly decisions all led you to where God wanted you without you even realising.

I used to worry about the decisions I made - 'God, how can I know which is the right decision? What if I make the wrong one and stuff it all up?'

But learning from hindsight I can see that many of the choices that mattered I made without even realising their significance. Especially when I was trusting God and tuned in to his voice.

Of course there will be some decisions that are important, times when we can choose to listen to God or to shut our ears, but they will be made plain to us. I believe that if in our hearts we want to follow God and hear his voice guiding us, even if we don't know how, he will lead us.

Learn from hindsight - look back and recognise the times God had been leading you even when you didn't know it at the time. Have faith that he is doing the same right now, even if you don't see it!

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