Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Don't speak until you hear me say "Shout!"

Have you felt like you aren't really heard? Like you've got things to say, thoughts to express, but no one really understands?

At times I've felt like the words I speak are met with such silence, as if I had literally not even spoken.

Other times its just a feeling, emotional or spiritual, that the words you're saying are heard with the ears but not with hearts and minds.

Take heart. I think God has allowed this silence for a purpose.

Like surrounding Jericho, we have been silently moving into position for the right time.

And we God says "shout", our voices will be heard and walls will fall, strongholds of injustice and suffering will crumble.

Hold tight to the whispers, words and stirrings in your heart. The time is coming soon to raise your voice. We will be in silence no longer.

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