Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shepherds and Wisemen

(A belated Christmas inspired post.)

Jesus was a gift to the world, from God.

Often we have trouble accepting that gift, because we feel undeserving, or we're not in the right place yet, or don't know enough about what it's all about.

But the thing with that is, God didn't put any qualifiers on the gift. He didn't say, "once you've worked out all the answers, and know the right lingo, and have your life sorted out, then you can come to me."

He meets us where we are and uses what we know to lead us to Him.

Take the shepherds who were watching their sheep when an angel came to tell them about Jesus.  (Luke 2:8-20) They were out doing their thing, when God sent messengers to meet them where they were. Before that, they didn't have to find out on their own where they were meant to be. They weren't even looking for it - God came to them and told them about Jesus.

He met them where they were at, and led them to where they needed to be.

The Wisemen weren't even nearby - but they were looking. (Matthew 2:1-12). They were searching for something they'd heard about but they were looking in the wrong places. But God used what they knew to lead them in the right direction - he used a star, which they knew (possibly being astrologers), to lead them to Jesus.

He used what they knew, and led them to the truth.

So whatever you feel like you do or don't know, whether you feel like  you're nearby but not sure where to look, or if you feel like you're searching but in all the wrong places - trust that God will meet you where you're at and use what you know to lead you to Him.

And if you are concerned about others who don't seem to be in the right place or seem far away from finding God - preoccuppied with their lives or into things that seem to be taking them in the wrong directions - trust that He is in control. The shepherds weren't even looking - but God sent them a message in a big way. The Magi were looking in the wrong places - but God led them to the right place.

God meets us where we're at, and uses what we know. But the second part of that?  He then uses that to LEAD us. That requires us to move. So when God meets you where you're at, no matter where that is - respond! Get up and move. Let him lead you.

 He'll meet you where you are, but then he wants you to get where you're supposed to be - and that's closer to Jesus.

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