Monday, January 17, 2011

Tables and Mountains

As soon as there is a good day, go to Table Mountain. The cable car that runs to the top shuts down when it gets windy, and most of us weren't keen on walking up so Saturday morning came and it was sunny, good visibility and zero wind so we seized our opportunity.

Actually, I should use the word 'seized' as that gives the impression of - 'right lets go' and we're out the door. It went more like this
"What are we doing today?"
"I dunno."
"We should do something."
"What's the weather like?"
"Dunno. Haven't been outside"
"I think its sunny."
10 minutes later.
"So what are we doing?"
"Maybe we should go to Table Mountain if its good weather."
20 minutes later.
"Is Table Mountain open?"
"Dunno, I'll check" *Checks Website* "Looks the perfect day to go."
"Should we go then?"
"Is everyone even awake yet?"

By the time we got out of the house that day it was about 12 noon.

But it was a perfect day for table mountain, and the views were amazing. It was a fairly hot day but not unbearable. I for one have no regrets at all in taking the cable car both up and down the mountain instead of walking. It's not lazy, it's an efficient use of our time - meant we could spend quite a while up there walking around on the top getting views from every angle, raiding the souvenir shops and getting our first South African sunburn.

Our friendly driver, Archi, who took us there and picked us up again took us through the city so he could point out things to us, and we found out he does day trips to Cape Point, so we booked in Sunday's activities.

When we got home, more volunteers appeared to stay with our host families. It got a bit overwhelming after a while, for everyone involved I think! It seemed like the Mary Poppins bag of houses, with new people just constantly appearing from every nook and cranny.

It as a hostel feel, like ones in England or Europe, when you walk into a room there could be any number of languages and accents going at once. We still dominate the Australian tally, but we're sharing the house with Africans, Dutch, Irish, Americans and Germans. I don't think I missed anyone in there. Oh, one of the Germans is half Spanish, so I guess that counts as another one.

We got home from Table Mountain, rested for a while, and then sat down at the table talking to the other volunteers. The procession of food started, beginning with afternoon tea/dessert and continuing right through tea(dinner) and we stayed sitting at the table so long some people even ate second tea an hour or two later.

Then we rolled off to bed and slept off the mountains of food, but with good memories from Table mountain. There's a theme to this day....tables and mountains.

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