Monday, August 8, 2011

God doesnt care about the rules.

Really think about it... Why does God care about sin? Is it because it is just another thing we are screwing up?

I think sometimes we think that's what it's all about. God doesn't want us to sin because he wants us to be good little children who obey the rules.

True, God is perfect and holy - to be God he has to be totally removed from sin. But if you think about it, thats exactly why he doesn't want us to sin - because then we remove ourselves from him.

He's not angry at us because we broke his rules - he is heart broken, and emploring us to come back, to stop turning away. Because he knows how much we are hurting ourselves.

And that's why I think God doesn't care about rules. What he is interested in, rather than us doing all the right things, is us knowing Him. He knows the love and forgiveness he is pouring out on us constantly and he knows that we miss out on that when we sin. Not because God withholds is love like a vindictive teacher who wants to punish a frustrating student.

But because he longs to give love and we are refusing to receive it.

If we realised that everything God has told us about how to live life, the right and wrong things to do, is all there to point us to the way to live in a close relationship with Him - if we looked at it like that, rather than thinking of it as a whole bunch of rules and expectations God burdened us with - we'd be so much better off. The greatest commandment is love God. If you need a rule to live by, aim for that one.

If we could do this, others would start seeing the love that Christianity is meant to be all about.

We wouldn't rank sins anymore, we wouldn't put ourselves above others. We'd be humble and see that whether our sins are telling a 'little white lie' or murdering - it's all a choice to turn away from God. It's all causing us to miss out on the big, crazy, consuming love of God.

That's why God doesn't care about rules like we think he does. He cares about love. A love that consumes and changes us from the inside out. It is all a gift. The biggest, most radical, amazing gift you've ever be offered.

Receive it!

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  1. Thanks Jessie, I really needed to read this today! Even though you posted this weeks ago..I used the link from Sammy A's blog and came to yours. Thanks for the reminder that it's all about loving God and having that relationship with him. Just trying to do the right thing can be exhausting!