Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feeling the love...

Valentine's Day came and went with hardly a glance for me...

Because I'm married and my husband loves me every day, because I don't want chocolate anyway, because of my No Shopping Project so I have hardly been in the shops lately, because I can fast forward TV ads on my DVR -  whatever it was, Valentines Day has not been a confronting issue. It barely even registered.

But I remember a time when the day just reminded me of that sinking feeling, that terrible lie, that maybe no one notices me, and no one ever will.

The central issue that never drops off my radar? Love. And I think that's the central issue for everyone, whether Valentine's Day was celebrated with someone, whether it dragged by in loneliness or whether you didn't even think of it - everyone thinks about love, desires it, longs for it, feels it...

So I had a look back over my posts that are on that theme, and you can too, if you feel the need! Because mostly we need reminding, not just that other human beings notice us, but that God loves us utterly and completely, no matter what.


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