Saturday, February 25, 2012

If You Missed It...

If you like being weeks or months (or maybe even years) behind the rest of the digital world like I am, then this summary of things I've come across recently is perfect for you.

This week in the blogging world: (meaning I saw it this week, not that it necessarily appeared this week...)

- Video from White Dove Ministries - Josh Lindsey

The Very Worst Missionary - The Tourist Gospel
"But here we are, the Church, huddled together in awe and fear of the big, scary world, wearing ugly-ass shoes and a stupid-ass hat, and talking like a bunch of foreigners - but we've got our fingers crossed that the people will see how we're so totally set apart, and then they'll come ask us for directions."

- My new problem with rap music - more gold from Jon Acuff. 

Using “Ministry” to Avoid Real Life Responsibility 

On the blog: The list on this page most likely to be actually from this week - since I wrote it. Yet, also since I wrote it, probably covered by someone else years ago....

Blogging through...Sharpening the Cutting Edge #3 
Reformed Clay 
What are we fasting for? Intro to Lent.
Don't Be a Potplant 
The biggest defences around our biggest insecurities 

Total Recall - past posts to revisit: since the whole theme of this thing is being behind the times, a look into the past seems a good place to end.

- Babies in the Bathwater

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