Thursday, April 11, 2013

They devoted themselves to constant prayer

This whole group devoted themselves to constant prayer with one accord - Acts 1:14

Have you ever asked or wondered why the Holy Spirit doesn't seem to show up much in your life? Have you ever wonder why you're not seeing miracles happen, and lives changed? Why you're a bit to afraid to even strike up a spiritual conversation with someone even when you think you should? Why nothing much seems to happen?

Have you then also asked yourself, how often do I devote myself to constant prayer? How often do I devote time to meet with others and constantly pray together?

You may notice a bit of an oxymoron in those can we say 'devote' and 'constant' in the same breath as 'how often', like we can set aside half an hour a week to be 'constantly devoted' and then go about our lives.

No wonder we don't see much happen.

No matter how much we like to avoid thinking about it, this Christian life is an all or nothing deal.

It's a big scary question, and we like to water it down and rationalise and justify - there are plenty of reasons why it is difficult, why there isn't enough time, why it's not practical... But...

If we aren't all in, what are we even doing this for?

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  1. Good point, well made, Jess xx