Monday, April 29, 2013

Seems like a no brainer...

If someone offered me this choice...

Option 1- You can be sick for 20 years, but then possibly healthy for the rest of your life


Option 2 - be healthy and vital for 20 years starting now, and then even more healthy for the rest of your life.

No brainer, right?

Why would you choose to stay sick and have only the possibility of health, when you could choose health now and forever?

And if you were able to pass this choice on, to give others the chance to choose one of those two options for themselves, how would you present it?

"There's these two options, pretty much 50/50 which way you might want to go. I'm not going to sway you either way."

No, I'd be saying - "look at what you can get! Look at option 2! I picked it, it's fantastic! You should definitely do it!"

Yet, substitute that choice of physical health with Jesus and spiritual life, and I feel like we are acting like the choice is not so obvious. In fact, sometimes I feel like Christians are selling the idea that being a Christian is more like option 1 - "Be a Christian. Life doesn't look much different to before - except you can't do the "fun" stuff and have to sit through church every Sunday - but you might get to heaven one day..."

Why are we doing this? Why aren't we shouting from the roof tops about this choice we made that gave us abundant life, now and forever!?

Maybe because we haven't actually received it. Consequently we deep down feel like really 'selling' Christianity as option 2 would be false advertising.

We haven't realised ourselves that being a Christian is option 2, not option 1. We haven't realised that the Kingdom of God is now, not only a dim, distant future. We haven't realised what the Kingdom of God being here now really means!!

That's not God's fault. It's not because we made the choice but then found it wasn't real. God is ready and willing to come through, and give us the life we chose.

A lot of us just haven't taken it yet. Maybe we think it looks too good to be true - to receive abundant life, with no catch. That's what grace is.

Receive Jesus. Life changed. No catch.

But until we realise the truth of Jesus, we're never going to sell anyone else on the idea.

And even more, when you do realise it - when you do choose Jesus and accept the life-heart-spirit changing gift of grace - you don't have to "sell" anyone. You won't have to convince anyone, make the best argument, throw in a few sweeteners to get them to 'buy'...

Your changed life will be the only thing they need to see. There won't even be a choice. They'll want that life and love that flows out of you straight from the throne room...

It will be a no brainer.

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